Flex83 Dynamic Page Creation is the Fast Path to IoT Visualization

Simply by using the “Click-Through” / No-Code workflows to connect your IoT devices to Flex83 and setting a few configurations, a powerful set of visualizations and dashboards for all of your connected devices are dynamically created automatically.

Flex83's "Out of the Box" Dashboards Get you Up and Running Fast

  • Device List Dashboard: sortable / filterable with a summary status for each device
  • Map View Dashboard: showing the location of each device with status & drill-downs
  • Individual Device Dashboard: providing device configuration and telemetry status data
  • Device Detail Dashboard: time-series and current state device data detail visualizations
  • Alarm and Alerts Dashboard: management of device “out of bounds” conditions
  • Event Manager Dashboard: to keep track of IoT “Actions” triggered by user-set “Events”
  • Aggregated Device Dashboard: a multi-filter device anomaly view for system management

Here is a Closer Look at the Dashboards Dynamically Created:

Device List Dashboard and Map-View Dashboards

The first two dashboards are “top-level” dashboards, providing both list-based and geographical or map-based views of your devices. Each provides high level device level status, and multi-level device filtering – by device type, group, tag, and more – to allow visibility to exactly what you want, as well as the drill-down navigation to device detail dashboards.

Individual Device Dashboard for Device-Level Insights

Drilling down from the “top-level” dashboards you are presented with an Overview Dashboard specific devices, including device configuration details, the current values of device telemetry data, the device connectivity topology, as well as device ambient conditions.

Device Telemetry Monitoring Dashboards and Visualizations

Drilling down further, the Monitoring Dashboard, provides both time-series and current device telemetry data visualizations. The color codes for warning, alerts, alarms, etc., are automatically configured based on the setpoints provided in the no-code Flex83 configuration steps.  

Alarm and Alert IoT Anomaly Tracking Dashboard

Next, the Flex83 Alarm Management Dashboard is also auto-generated based on the user configuration of IoT telemetry warning, alert, and alarm setpoints or thresholds. The Alarm Management, again, lets you filter on specific devices, groups, tags, etc., and analyze the different issues and anomalies observed across your deployed devices.

Event and Automated Action Management Dashboard

Similarly, when configuring Flex83, you can also create “Events”, or actions triggered when certain combinations of conditions occur. These actions can be remote procedure calls, webhooks, emails, or SMS’s that are triggered in response to the conditions you set. Any such “Events” are all easily tracked on the Event History and Management Dashboard:

Aggregated Alarms, Alerts, and Anomalies Dashboard

Aside from other intermediate information and status windows that are available in Flex83, the solution also provides a Device Aggregates Analytics Dashboard where you can easily track the kinds of issues or anomalies you are having with your different devices, groups of devices, or device types. This dashboard is very helpful in prioritizing issues in you IoT deployment.

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