A Continuum of Deployment & Scale Alternatives
From large scale cloud deployments, to a “smart edge” appliances,
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Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Experience Cloud Edge Convergence ease with Application Enablement platform (AEP)

28th July 2021, 11AM PST

45 mins Duration

Edge / Cloud Convergence Enhances both Cloud and Edge Functional Value & Effectiveness

IoT Applications by Default “See” Edge Devices, Sensors and Data Flows but Edge / Cloud Convergence takes this to the Next Level with a Truly Integrated Edge & Cloud Solution.

Stages of Smart Edge / Cloud Intelligence Convergence:

  • Edge Configuration, Threshold MGT & Software Version MGT
  • Create, Install & Manage an Edge Agent to Gather Data
  • Create Digital Twin Cloud Logic for Fault / Anomaly Detection
  • Build Cloud Analytics on Edge Data to Push to the Edge
  • Dynamically move SW Functions From Cloud to Edge
  • Iterative Enhancements to Leverage this Convergence


  • Industrial IoT at the Edge – on Flex83
  • Basic Integrations & Migrate to more Advanced Cloud / Edge Convergence
  • Migrate Cloud Developed Modules to the Edge for Enhanced Edge Intelligence and Control
  • Edge Intelligence combined with IoT Cloud Services equals Smart Ops
  • Live Demo

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Converging the Edge & The Cloud and Edge Modernization

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Multi-Tenant IoT Solutions

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Founder / CTO & EVP Sales
A long-term startup player and serial entrepreneur, Deep is the Founder of 83incs, the incubator that launched IoT83. His in-depth understanding of technology and two decades of engineering experience in delivering tier one quality solutions laid the foundation for Method83, IoT83’s flagship platform. Deep’s ability to quickly create unique value and fast results for each client has fueled IoT83 Sales since its inception.
Lee House
Founder & CEO
Lee has a history of recognizing technology and market trends and using this to define and deliver disruptive and game-changing products that show fast returns for customers. Lee also brings deep operational pragmatism and business growth experience to IoT83 from GM and VP positions at GE, IBM, 3Com, IBM, and multiple Silicon Valley companies. Lee has MSEE and MBA degrees from Duke University.
Jayant Puri
VP Engineering
Jayant’s amazing work ethic, team first approach, and dynamic and innovative contributions have led directly to the Method83 platform success. He has over a decade of experience in designing and building highly scalable, stable and industry leading products to Tier-1 customers and service providers. Prior to joining IoT83, Jayant led the Cloud Development in Identity Management Solutions for Oracle.

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The power & flexibility of FLEX83 has enabled multiple successful collaborations & new product innovations in our companies. FLEX83 is highly recommended.

Sanjay B.


The software is very easy to use & intuitive. FLEX83 has been extremely helpful & committed to nVent success moving the company forward with connecting our legacy installed controller base to the cloud platform.

Constantine S.

Sr. Technology Leader

The FLEX83 platform was easily customized to handle our highly specialized and high-scale application. The IoT83 team worked with us to deliver this high-quality solution in a very short time.

John M.

Sr. Product Manager

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