Create a sustainable living with the power of an energy monitoring system

Connect your energy meters just in clicks.

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    Key Benefits

    Improves Energy Efficiency

    Helps organizations to reduce expenditure on energy by streamlining energy use and forestalling wastage.

    Remote Unified Management

    Provides real time control and centralized supervision resulting in simplified energy conservation.

    Detects Anomalies and Failures

    Detect abnormal patterns that indicates potential failures and help with risk mitigation.

    Reduce Maintenance Cost

    The coalescence of the system reduces maintenance and operational costs, results in continuous savings.

    Our Features

    Monitor your devices in real-time, optimize cost, increase ROI and many more. Now building resource consumption can be managed effectively with energy monitoring system.


    Monitor Real-Time

    Our smart IoT energy monitoring system keeps a check on the real time energy consumption and other parameters.

    Pre-Emptive Reports & Alerts

    Our smart energy monitoring system provides the performance reports of your equipment’s periodically.

    Easy Integration

    Flex83 platform supports a wide range of hardware integrations.

    Advanced Data Analytics

    Know your energy bill and get the breakup of energy share of different equipment’s.

    Energy Quality Control

    Detect erratic machine behaviors and patterns and take corrective action immediately.

    Energy Consumption Control

    Benchmark the power consumption of your equipment’s and notice when there is any variation and fluctuations.

    Connect Any IoT Energy Meters

    Connections We Support

    • Bluetooth and BLE or NFC

    • Cellular 2g,3g and 4g

    • LPWANs

    • Mesh

    • Wi-Fi

    • RFID

    • ZigBee

    • MQTT

    • XMPP

    • AMQP

    Pre-Emptive Reports & Alerts

    Monitor Real-Time

    Reduce Maintenance Cost

    Centralized Remotely

    Improves Productivity & Profitability

    Detect Erratic Machine Behaviours and Patterns

    Track your voltage and power factor fluctuations on the fly

    Collect real-time data into your machine’s availability and performance, visualize the power consumption insights and downtimes which empowers you to reduce unwanted breakdown.