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We Map Vehicle Telemetry Data into Business KPIs

Multiple application level solutions are made available to multiple key operational roles.

Advanced Reporting

Fleet83 provides you with a single pane for everything related to your fleet – track your vehicles, people, and your customer cargo with a single click.

Engine Monitoring

Monitor critical vehicle engine data such as engine load, average mile per gallon, fuel level, battery voltage, coolant temperatures, the check engine light status,  etc. This allows you to track the vehicle health and take action to make repairs proactively to avoid costly downtime.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is best practice and comes in the form of proactive, preventive methods such as routine services, inspections and spot checks, helping to prevent, detect and repair small issues before they become serious and expensive. With Fleet83 you will get a view of your plan and unplanned service and maintenance costs. Track lost dollars due to an unplanned service or your vehicle breakdown.

Vehicle Analytics

Are your mini trucks mostly on the road, and heavy carriers mostly available? Are your flatbed trucks frequently breaking down? Analytics to track the efficiency of your assets, and plan investments.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Get a near real-time status of assets on the move. Update your customer through SMS, e-mail, or mobile app the status of their precious cargo. The god’s eye view enables operations managers to get a holistic view of key stats like the vehicle in use, parked, loaded/unloaded, and other business-critical parameters.

Driver Behavior Management

Driver behaviour accurate driving analytics and advanced algorithms to track your best drivers. Driver ranking and scores so that your best drivers are on your high priority routes and deliveries.

Fuel Cost Reduction

Fuel is the largest operating expense for the fleet. A fuel management dashboard on Fleet83 to track cost and consumption by route, by vehicle type and driver, and forecast the future expense.

Route Optimization

Route management is one of the challenging pieces and is very important to improve customer service, increase driver productivity in terms of completing the trips, and help fleet owners reduce operation costs by lowering fuel and maintenance expenses. With Fleet83 you can monitor and analyse your historical route data to identify problems and improve efficiency.

Safety and compliance

With Fleet83 manage your driver HOS and Fatigue online to ensure the safety of the driver, your vehicle, and the customer’s cargo. Also, track and manage your vehicle health and vehicle insurance schedule online.

What can you expect from Fleet83 ?

Multiple application level solutions are made available to multiple key operational role

KPI driven Dashboard

Providing a high-level view of the fleet, with map view, key statistics, alarms, and KPI measurements.


Individual Vehicle Key Data

Key vehicle statistics, vehicle alarms or alerts, current and average performance data.


Tracking of Fleet Key Performance Indicators

Managing KPIs on an operational role by role basis for continuous improvement.

Creation of and Management of User Roles

Dashboards and visualizations can be created and secured on a role by role basis

Fleet Alarm or Issue Workflow Management

Assign and manage resolution of work-orders, issue resolution & prioritize improvements.


Fleet Report Generation Capabilities

Generate reports for any available fleet management statistics (or create derived statistics).


Lesser Downtimes

More Productivity

More Safety & Security

Reporting and better Control