A Continuum of Application Creation, Deployment & Operations Capabilities

The New Normal for IoT is Rapid Application Development with an Application Enablement Platform

Why All IoT Programs Needs an Application Enablement Platform


AEPs vastly accelerates program execution


AEPs virtually remove the risk of program failure


AEPs greatly simplify long term operations & growth

IoT83’s Application Enablement Platform goes far beyond what traditional IoT as a Service solutions provide. AEPs give you an integrated engine to not only build – but also operate powerful IoT solutions – at a fraction of the cost, risk and time to market! The IoT83 Platform is all this and more!

Acceleration of Execution & Business Agility

IoT83 accelerates your path from Idea to Deployed Solutions & catalyzes your team's know-how.

Far Lower Program Risk & Greater IoT Success

Remove the main reasons that IoT programs fail from the equation - with a Complete AEP framework!

A Continuum of Tools To Build & Run IoT Solutions

All the tools & services to let you launch what you want at the scale you want - with reliability!

The Advantages of IoT83's AEPs over "IoT as a Service Options" are Clear

IoTaaS  Has a Huge Learning Curve to Build a Reliable & Sustainable Platform. The Burden & Risk is all on Your Team. Higher Risk, Cost & Time to Market.

The Flex83 AEP Changes the Game

Flex83 Gives You Streamlined Application Creation with All the  Tools to Build Rich IoT Solutions and the Reliable, Scalable & Secure Platform to Run them on.

Flex83's No-Code / Low-Code / Full-code AEP Enables Rapid Development

Your team only builds differentiation for your application and with a highly streamlined process. 

Wht the Industry Says about the Benefits of Low-Code Development

The Flex83 AEP Gives You all this & a Continuum of Choice Flexibility Options Scale Support

Easily Connect to diverse devices, data-flows, databases or even other applications & systems with the Connection Manager!

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Transform, normalize, and operate on incoming data with the powerful & intuitive ETL Tools!

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Multiple built-in analytics tools help you create data-driven insights for anomaly detection, fault avoidance & preventative maintenance!

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You are always inherently ready to launch & scale running on the IoT83 proven & scalable elastic core!

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The Flex83 Code Engine helps you add custom intelligence to any IoT solution – using no-code / click-to-configure tools or low-code workflows with 6+ coding languages!

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Quickly arrange, configure & launch powerful multi-role / multi-tenant / multi-function IoT applications!

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Use pre-build professional dashboards or use the integrated dashboard creation tools for custom visualizations and user interaction!

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... Connect "Anything to Anything" ... Build New IoT Concepts ... Prototype & Validate Your Solution ... Scale Reliably at Your Own Pace ... Enhance & Expand Your Solutions ... Assure Your Project's Success

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Flex83's Impact on Business & Program Execution


Efficiency Gains



Flex83's Impact on Business & Program Execution





Customers & Recommendations

Build a powerful application MVP!  Validate it with your stake-holders!  Build, Iterate, Enhance, Launch, and Scale!

How the Flex83 Application Enablement Platforms Impact Industries

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