Flex83 is a Full Featured & Complete Application Enablement Platform

Our Application Enablement Platform Transforms the Time to Market, and the Cost & Risk Profile of IoT Programs from Concept, to Development, to Market Validation to Deployment and Scale.

Building IoT Applications “From Scratch” no longer makes good Engineering or Business Sense.

Intuitive IoT Application Creation Workflow & Tools Accelerate Work

Now Application Creation is up to 80% Faster with No Compromises.

IoT83’s platform provides all of the security, scalability, reliability and devOps big-data and IoT plumbing you need, and the IoT applications creation tools to rapidly deploy working solutions.


Why The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Is Critical to IoT Success:

The “Old Way” of building IoT Applications is too expensive, risky and slow. Flex83 changes all that.

IoT83’s Application Enablement Platform sets up your team to quickly apply their business know-how to the problems at hand – not on IoT underlying complexity! The impact is immediate and dramatic to productivity and business bottom-line results.


Flex83 is a Game-Changing Shift from the "Old Way" to the "New Way"

Using the IoT83 Application Enablement Platform results in a fast time to market, and a lower risk and cost – and enabling a fast transformation to your business’ bottom line.


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Flex83 Accelerates IoT Creation with Always-On Reliability

The Application Enablement Platform Tools put you back in control of your budget, timelines for deployment, and innovation opportunities. The reliable IoT Core is built for security and scale.

The Flex83 AEP Provides a Continuum of IoT Services & Resources

Building IoT solutions the “old way”, it is challenging just to cover the core IoT feature set and required application features. With IoT83’s AEP, You have much more – all on a solid platform – for a continuum of value creation capabilities.

With Flex83, the Rich Platform Features Give You a Competitive Edge

Our Application Enablement Platform enables your staff to apply their industry know-how to solve pressing business issues quickly – without the burden of underlying complex Internet of Things code.

Accelerate IoT Benefits Across Your Organization and Operations Now

IoT83’s Application Enablement Platform accelerates implementation of asset protection with fault detection, prevention, and avoidance and for immediate operational benefits on multiple fronts.

Our Application Enablement Platform enables your staff to apply their industry know-how to solve your business issues quickly – without the burden of underlying complex Internet of Things code.

News & updates

Read about all that is aiding the ever increasing digitization of the world and the underlying importance of bridging the gap between physical & virtual aspects of it.

IoT83’s Complete IoT Enablement Solution is Available Now.

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    Connect "Anything to Anything" & Quickly Build Powerful Applications

    Easily connect diverse devices and device types from any supplier. Connect with almost any embedded protocol!

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    Connect multiple IoT sensors and telemetry data – individually or in aggregate!

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    Flex83 supports virtually any IoT connection type. New connection types are easily built with the platform tools! 

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    Add algorithms, application logic, or custom dashboards in the language your engineers know!

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    Flex83 connectors give you the flexibility to connect to new databases, 3rd party software, and custom APIs!

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    The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform tools and workflows makes connectivity, logic creation, analytics and visualizations easy – and inherently ready for deployment!

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    This Flexibility Gives You the "Internet of Everything" ... not Just IoT!

    Flex83 Gives You a Continuum of Choice Flexibility Options Scale Support

    Connect "Anything to Anything" & Quickly Build Powerful Applications

    Easily Connect to diverse devices, data-flows or systems with the Connection Manager!

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    Transform, normalize, and operate on incoming data easily with intuitive ETL Tools!

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    Multiple built-in analytics tools help you create data-driven insights for anomaly detection and fault avoidance!

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    You are inherently ready to launch & scale on the IoT83 proven & scalable elastic core!

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    The Flex83 Code Engine makes it easy to add custom functionality to any IoT solution – multiple coding languages supported!

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    Quickly launch powerful multi-role / multi-tenant / multi-function IoT applications!

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    Use pre-build professional dashboards or use the integrated dashboard creation tools for custom visualizations!

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    This Flexibility Gives You the "Internet of Everything" ... not Just IoT!

    ... Build New IoT Concepts ... Quickly Prototype Your Solution ... Validate with Key Customers ... Scale Reliably at Your Own Pace ... Enhance and Grow Your Solutions ... Assure Your Project's Success