Smart Lighting for Advanced IoT Energy Management Applications

The benefits of LED Smart Lighting have been clearly demonstrated for both business operations cost management and for environmental conservation. LUX83 provides the application intelligence and integration tools for OEMs, building owners, and operators to optimize lighting management.

The LUX83 Solution is Elegant in It's Simplicity

  1. The solution uses a smart light controller that wirelessly connects using the low-power and long-range LoRa protocol to a LoRa gateway, and then connects to the LUX83 Application.
  2. The Application Software provides all the functionality needed to monitor the health and status of communications and the lighting system itself and enables multiple sets of rules and conditions to set how the lighting system should operate via application dashboards.
  3. Sensors local to the lighting system components, including those provided on the LUX83 controller are used to trigger the desired Smart Lighting behavior. Personnel presence, ambient natural light, time of day or week, or other sensors or rules can be employed.
  4. The energy consumption of the lighting system is also monitored using the LUX83 energy monitor and operators can optimize this by modifying the Smart Lighting Policies.
  5. The LUX83 system automatically alerts operators in the event of any type of fault.

The Flexibility of LUX83 Integration with Diverse Lighting Fixtures

With LUX83 and “Smart Switching” up to 35% savings can be realized with traditional lamps and up to 65% with LED systems and the benefits to carbon emissions follow. Maintenance, manpower and repair costs also fall due to proactive monitoring and management. And, personnel benefit from a more natural light like experience and will be more productive.


Immediate Asset Management Benefits & Long Term Value Creation

Use LUX83 application out-of-the-box, enhance using your own team using the intuitive add-on workflows, or leverage IoT83 services to create whatever competitive advantage you envision!


LUX83 Controller Specifications


LUX83 Deployments, Flexibility, Scale, and Management

For most Smart Lighting applications, the LUX83 Application Software is run as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution managed by IoT83 with license cost governed by the number of Lights, Light Clusters, or Smart Lighting tenants being managed. However, the solution has been designed such that it can be operated separately for larger deployments in private or public cloud environments and can even be hosted as an on-premise appliance.

The highly versatile LUX83 controller Application Software all of the features, tools, and capabilities needed to efficiently deploy and manage Smart Lighting applications.

For Smart Lighting and Smart Applications - IoT83 Has You Covered!

Between the powerful LUX83 capabilities, the intuitive Custom Application Creation tools of Flex83, IoT83 services, and our reference design offerings you can build, launch, scale, and manage anything you can envision!