The Flex83 Jump-Start Services Program Can Get You Going Fast

IoT application, IoTaep


Speed up your Deployment and boost the learning curve of your team

  1. Jump-Start your application creation, deployment, scale & impact with our IoT Solution Services Team
  2. Simply augment your team or engage our experts for turn-key application development services
  3. Our team will collaborate with your key stake holders for focus and accelerated success

Flex83 Core Options: Add devices, controls, alerts and users ...

Devices & Device Types

Incrementally add Device Resources as Your Application Grows

Add Device Elements

Add Incremental Devices, Device Types, Device Attribute Density, and Device Groups and Tags.
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Operational Controls

Add Trigger Events, Rules for Events, Schedules & Reports

Smarter IoT Operations

Add elements to your application to increase Action-on-Event and Application Automation
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System Alerts

Add more Webhooks, RPCs, SMS, and email notifications

Enhanced IoT Interworking

Add more linkages from your application to machines, services or personnel
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Add More Roles

Add more Users, Roles & User Groups to your Applications

Enhanced IoT Interworking

Add more linkages from your application to machines, services or personnel
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Flex83 Developer Options: Add business logic, custom code & analytics...

IoT Sources & Sinks

Add more IoT Device and Data Flow Connectors

Add IoT Devices & Data Flows

Increase the reach & breadth of your application using Flex83 Low-Code Connectors
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Add Data Xforms

Add richer data integrity and solution performance

Smarter Data Transformations

High performance user defined streaming or batch ETL creation via low-code workflows
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Add More Analytics & Insights

Add Data Transforms, Analytics Notebooks & Custom Algorithms

Make Your Application Smarter

Enrich your application with Flex83 analytics tools, custom logic, algs, and digital twins
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Add More Custom Code

Increase Your Algorithms, Analytics, and IoT Intelligence

Code Engines & API Gateways

Enhance the Intelligence of Your Application with Flex83 Low-Code Solution Workflows
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Flex83 Developer Options: Add new dashboards, applications & support ...

Add More Dashboards

Add more Dashboards and Visualizations to Your Solution

Build Custom Dashboards

Use the Custom Dashboard Builder Tools to "Add more Magic" to Your Application
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Add More Data Storage

Keep more Customer Data for Longer Periods of Time

Enhanced IoT Interworking

Add more linkages from your application to machines, services or personnel
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Add Application Support

Leverage the IoT83 services team for DevOps Services

Always-On DevOps Services

Ensure that your application & services are always available to your customers
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Add Development Services

Jump-Start your IoT Impact using IoT83 Services

Faster time to Impact

The IoT83 Dev Service Team will collaboratively work with you to accelerate success
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Flex83 Core - Everything needed for for a fast start, including:

IoT application, IoTaep

The Core Flex83 Package to Get Started – 

  1. Your own secure, scalable & reliable instance of the Flex83 AEP
  2. Device Connection, Alarm MGT, Notifications & Custom Logic Tools
  3. IoT83’s Fast-Start No-Code Application Creation Dashboards

Flex83 Developer - Access to all AEP IoT solution creation tools:

Use complete suite of Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Tools:

  1. Intuitive User-Defined ETL processing & data manipulation tools
  2. Multi-language lambda functions, API Gateway builder & Schedulers
  3. Custom Analytics, Auto-ML, Custom Dashboards & Application Creator

IoT application, IoTaep

Flex83 Scale & Grow Packages - Add only what you need :

IoT application, IoTaep

Flex83 lets scale as you grow and add only the services you need.

  1. Device & User scale packages: simplify adding IoT scale resources
  2. Developer & Computational packages: add more solution sophistication
  3. OR – add only the specific Flex83 resources you need at any time

Flex83 Accelerated Application Creation Services:

Speed up your Deployment or Speed the learning curve of your team 

  1. Jump-Start your application impact with our IoT Solution Services Team
  2. Augment your team or engage for turn-key solution creation & scale
  3. Flexible & collaborative engagement models accelerate your success