IoT83 Product Collateral

Flex83 Product Data Sheet

Flex83 eliminates IoT “Failure Risks” with dramatic reductions in time to market, execution costs, and project risks. IoT83’s Application Enablement Platforms transform and Democratize IoT Application Solution Deployment.

Flex83 Fast Visualization Guide

Learn the power of Flex83 to rapidly build powerful visualizations for your IoT solutions simply by using the no-code / click-through workflow. Configure Flex83 and your dashboards and vizualizations are dynamically created

Fleet83 Product Data Sheet

Fleet83 provides fleet operators with detailed insight into the operation of their vehicles with OBD2 telemetry monitoring, alarm & alert set point configuration, route optimization, geotracking, and driver behavior analytics. 

Sense83 Environmental Sensor Application

Multiple Sensors – Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, CO2 Levels, Noxious Gas, Presence, Proximity and Synthetic Sensor Analytics – All for Environmental Analytics Comfort and  Security Management.

Lux83 Smart Lighting Product Data Sheet

IoT83 had developed multiple applications for Smart Lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. Lux83 ties lighting and lighting controller hardware into a complete Smart Lighting solution.

Tracker83 Asset Tracking Application

IoT83 has implemented multiple applications using the Tracker83 framework for mobile asset management. From indoor, to personnel, to freight logistics, the Tracker83 provides a powerful head-start for Asset Tracking solution.

IoT83 Video Examples

Flex83 AEP Introduction

This Video provides a brief introduction to the power of Flex83 and the “click-through” workflows to creation powerful IoT Applications – Fast.

Flex83 App'n Creation Demonstration

Just by connecting your IoT Devices and configuring IoT telemetry setpoints, Flex83 dynamically builds powerful Connect, Monitor, and Manage Applications. And that is only the start.

The Value of Application Enablement Platforms

This video explains the value of IoT Application Creation Platforms and the tremendous advantages this approach makes to businesses, enterprises, and operators in deployment of sophisticated, reliable and scalable IoT.

Business Optimization & Value Creation with IoT

Watch this video to understand the impact to business and enterprise operations of the most impactful IoT use cases. Examples of the use cases are provided across industry verticals along with a view of expected results.

Instruction & Case Studies

Flex83 On-Boarding Guide

A detailed guide to getting started with Flex, with examples of how to on-board devices, configure attributes, create “synthetic” variables, simulations, alarm thresholds and anomaly event actions.

Flex83 Platform Introduction

This application brief illustrates how the multiple functions and capabilities of the Flex83 platform are implemented to implement the “Killer Applications” in IoT, maximizing operations efficiency, minimizing asset downtime and simplifying maintenance and service.

Our Stats

IoT83’s platform enables fast creation of best-in-class solutions for any business to enjoy the full benefit of IoT.

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Millions of Flows Handled
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