Industrial IoT Efficiency: Gains Go Directly to the Bottom Line.

  • Monitor Divers Devices & Assets
  • System Wide Dashboards
  • Action on Event Automation Triggers
  • Catch Problems Before they Happen
  • Automate Process Adjustments and Streamline all Operations
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OEM IoT Integration: The Fast-Path IoT Enable Your Portfolio.

  • Intelligent Device Management

  • Product Performance Analytics

  • System-Wide Optimization

  • Multi-Role Dashboards

  • Fault Detection, Prevention and Avoidance

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Safety, Security, and Asset Tracking: Smart Building Efficiency.

  • Transform the Safety and Security of Your Facility with Enhanced Sensing

  • Track Air Quality, Comfort, Personnel Density, and Utilization of Resources

  • Track, Locate, or Optimize Valuable Assets Across Your Campus.

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Fleet Management: Connected Cars and Public Transportation

  • OBD-II Port Integration for Smart Vehicle Performance Management

  • Fleet-Wide Dashboards for Regulatory, Diagnostics and Asset Management

  • Geofencing and Automation of Custom Performance Metrics

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Wi-Fi AIOps for Carriers: Intelligence for a Complex Wi-Fi World

  • Today’s Wi-Fi Networks are Complex. AIOps Makes them Manageable.

  • Lower Call-Center Service Time, Increase First Time to Fix.

  • Reduce Truck-Rolls and Drop-Ships

  • Automate Edge Device Optimization

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Industry 4.0: Connect Devices to Smart Automation & Analytics

  • Connect Diverse Device Data to Monitor and Manage Operations

  • Analyze Workflows and Processes

  • Optimize Process Flows

  • Detect Faults & Anomalies Early

  • Use AI & ML for Profitable Insights

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Precision Agriculture: Building Yield Prescriptions for Growers

  • Aggregate Data from Diverse Sources: Soil Sensors, Drones, Tractors …

  • Monitor Current Crop & Soil Conditions

  • Layered Productivity Analysis

  • Implement Diagnostic and Prescriptive Models to Optimize Yields

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