Track83 Provides Rich Sophisticated Asset Tracking Capabilities

Based on Flex83 – with the complete set of underlying Application Enablement Platform tools and scalability – Track83 enables powerful asset tracking, management, and optimization solutions.

Multiple Tracking Solutions Enabled with Diverse IoT Edge Device

Vehicle Tracking (Fleet Management):

Track83 is helping operators efficiently manage their fleets, with solutions for vehicle tracking, operator behavior, vehicle diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and mandatory regulations management.

Shipping and Container Tracking:

Not only the location, but also the condition of assets in transit can be easily managed. Temperature, exposure to moisture, excessive shock and vibration, and many other conditions that can damage goods in transit can be tracked and logged.

Tracking Key Enterprise Assets:

Many businesses have expensive assets that may be mobile or shared, such as medical crash carts. Track83 helps optimize the use of such assets.

Smart Factory Asset Tracking:

The efficiency of manufacturing processes and work-flows can be monitored, analysed, and optimized. Re-usable assets such as Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, etc., can be tagged and tracked. Expensive capital equipment can always be located, utilization can be tracked, and use-based service plans can be established.

Warehouse Pallet Tracking:

By identifying a pallet contents and tagging it, each pallet becomes a well-defined and locatable resource, simplifying inventory management and work logistics.

Forklift and Equipment Tracking:

By tracking, analyzing, and optimizing the paths taken, efficiency, and utilization of mobile capital equipment operators can generate significant savings.

Start with Track83, but Use Flex83 Tools for Custom Solutions

Combine multiple IoT Edge hardware assets and combine them into exactly the Asset Tracking Solution you need. Leverage Track83 for your base application and the Fast Application Tools of Flex83 to customize your solution for new competitive advantage. Integrate and track virtually anything, and count on the Flex83 toolchain for security, reliability, and cost management.

Immediate Asset Management Benefits & Long Term Value Creation

Use Track83 application out-of-the-box, enhance using your own team and the intuitive add-on workflows, or leverage IoT83 services to create whatever competitive advantage you envision!

IoT83 also offers the Sense83 IoT Edge Device Reference Design

If you can’t find what you really need in an IoT Edge Asset Tracking and Management device, Leverage IoT83’s Sense83 reference design. Hardware, software, and integration services are all available from IoT83 to help you build exactly the solution you need.


For Asset Tracking and Management - IoT83 Has You Covered!

Between the powerful Track83 capabilities, the intuitive Custom Application Creation tools of Flex83, IoT83 services, and our reference design offerings you can build, launch, scale, and manage anything you can envision.