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How AI/ML Is Simplified on Flex83 Application Enablement Platform (AEP)

19 June 2021, 11AM PST

30 mins Duration

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The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is revolutionizing businesses through advancements in human-machine interaction

Flex83 Application Enablement Platform’s analytic studio richness fast tracks AI/ML walk. This webinar is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning democratization on an Application Enablement Platform. Deep technology stack knowledge and expertise built solutions to real-life problems and some practical ways to think about how to use it in the Enterprise. It is ideal for Business Decision-Makers, Data Scientists, and Analysts working in large Enterprise businesses looking to uncover opportunities to begin an AI/ML project.


  • Creating Data Pipelines From Different Sources to Start with ML
  • AI/ML Use Cases Across Different Industries (NLP, Object Recognition, Auto ML)
  • Click to Build Approach of Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Towards AI/ML
  • Best Practices in AI/ML – Tech Stack That Works
  • Model Building in The Cloud and Deploy in The Edge

Nowadays AI/ML has transformed Industrial IoT and obtain basic insights and trends these insights can be used to better understand industrial processes and make data-driven business decisions and optimizations.

Flex83's workflow democratises AI/ML for all

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