Proven Platform to Enable Your IIoT Application Ecosystem

The IoT83 approach helps global organizations move beyond the near-term “save money approach” to “solution ownership,” resulting in a truly Connected Business Model that is Future-ready. This platform allows OEMs to begin projects at 83% of project progress, enabling faster time to market by concentrating only on the remaining 17% of core application logic.

Flex83, One Platform with Endless Possibilities

Flex83 is an OEM Enterprise Domain Cloud (OEDC) platform that is built with passion and for all. Its pre-built platform logic (microservices) solves for all stakeholders in an industrial OEM, providing tailored capabilities to empower each role to drive product, operations, and customer service excellence.

Business Leaders

Faster TTM Build and scale a custom IoT application in 35% of your current expected time.

Operations Heads

Driving Efficiency and productivity: With unlimited asset insights and unlock new opportunities

Engineering Executives

Zero Technical Debt Go from managing millions of lines of code to a few thousand.

Product Management

Product-line Success Spearhead conceptualization to development, launch, and ongoing optimization.

Revenue Team

Enable Recurring Revenue Deliver smarter products capable of subscription-based value-added services.

Our Foundation

Your Fast-track for Idea to Deployment

Elastic and scalable – Low code to no-code, the choice is yours.
Freedom to Personalize how you’d develop and scale.
With great flexibility, comes better customization capability.
AWS or Google or Public Cloud – works well in all.
3-6X Development Savings as you build applications faster.
The only thing that tumbles down is TCO – by 2-4 times.

Flex83 – A “Rock-steady” Platform

Streamlining OT-IT Application Enablement
for any Industrial and Commercial Needs

Features Layered Underneath

The Advanced Pro-Code Application Factory Enables You to Build & Own Your Custom IIoT Platform.

Foundation Of Its Functions

How the Platform Works to Structure your SDLCs

Construct, launch, and manage your applications, with the freedom to use no-code or low-code tools or full containers and applications. Accelerate this with 6 simple steps within the Flex83 platform architecture.

Connection Manager
Easily Connect Devices, Databases & Applications

Advanced Pro Code Technologies
Buy and Build Your Own Applications

Data Management
Multiple Databases & Data-lake Options

Code Engine
Add Lambdas, User Defined Functions, or Containers

Analytics Studio
Add Analytics Notebooks or AI/ML Intelligence

Portable/Scalable Platform
Deploy anywhere with Integrated DevOps

A World of IoT Applications Realized

A Strata Of Possibilities

Product Management
Ops Teams
Engineering Teams
C-Suite Teams
Asset Management
Enterprise & Business Integration
Industry 4.0 Solutions

Robust Base For Clients

Brands Accelerating SDLC Journeys with IoT83

Recognized Universally

Words Cementing the Worth of the Platform

RPMA Networks

IoT83 is revolutionizing the industrial IoT by enabling digital transformation with its secure & scalable platform (Flex83), its application tools, and agile services, streamlining the big data deployments in a cost-effective manner for a faster and increased ROI.

Renesas Electronics

IoT83's cloud platform (Flex83) enabled Vision AI applications on Renesas Virtual Lab's RZ/V series MPUs. It supports RZ/V2M and RZ/V2L evaluation boards, using standard ONNX models and a DRP-AI translator. This solution performs AI inference while delivering metrics like FPS, FPS/Watt, and Inference Time.

Dominik GotheProduct Lead, True MFG

When working with Flex83, you are not just getting a world-class Application Enablement Platform (AEP), you are also gaining access to some of the brightest Dev Minds in the cloud space. It added immense value to our operations.

Constantine SSr. Tech Leader, nVent.

The software is very easy to use & intuitive. FLEX83 has been extremely helpful & committed to nVent success moving the company forward with connecting our legacy installed controller base to the cloud platform.

John MHead of Product, Actiontec

The FLEX83 as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP) was easily customized to handle our sophisticated and high-scale application. The IoT83 team worked with us to deliver this high-quality solution in a very short time.


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