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Simplifying and Building IoT Applications

Flex83’s Scalable Elastic Core, which houses all of the IoT plumbing, security, scalability, and essential platform functions for assured reliability as well as application flexibility is at the heart of the solution.
A completely scalable, secure, and flexible framework, with a full set of intuitive no-code, low-code, and custom-code workflows. The platform gives you a reliable & scalable IoT Core along with Development Studios to streamline program execution. The platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment.

About Us

We are harnessing the best of everything
under a single umbrella

By combining our secure and scalable one-click deploy platform, our suite of application enablement tools, and our agile software services, we transform the complex work of big data deployments into a cost-effective and manageable path to a fast ROI. Whether it’s asset monitoring management, and optimization, service automation, smart product creation, big-data analytics, integration with legacy software, or next-generation operations centers, we can accelerate the deployment of your own branded solution and a fast path to success.


Delivering End-to-end Values and Offerings


A versatile middleware to enable “coders/developers” to easily and quickly build a “custom” application platform; also called “full-code” code (IP) ownership is the key here.

Citizen Development

A User Interface bolted on top of the middleware to ease “citizen” developers/data handlers to interact with the same middleware via UX/UI rather than at the API level. This allows “citizen” developers and researchers teams to become part of the development flow leading to huge productivity gains; this interface is called as “Low Code Application Platform (LCAP)” interface or more popularly known as “Rapid Application Development (RAD)”


The purpose of any IoT solution is to create value. And create more value than the cost of producing the value. As a product owner, you need to know both the value of your solution and the cost of getting there. We can break down the costs into development costs, production costs, and operating costs

The IoT83 Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Combines:

  • A turn-key working, scalable, secure platform.
  • Application builder tools that enable your team in new application creation.
  • Agile and cost-effective software services to get you up and running fast.

We believe in hard work and dedication

40 Employees
  • Launch of Method83 IIoT platform at 2018 CES – WiFi analytics & optimization
80 Employees
  • POC and multiple sprints in industrial applications (fault MGT, optimization)
100 Employees
  • Win F500 industrial IoT RFQ.
    Multi-division IIoT solution implementations
  • Deployed at NA service provider With 70 million connected devices scale.
Flex83 Application Enablement
Platform V.3 Launched
  • More than 120+ Connectors, 15+ Data Stores and 30 plus Microservices made available
Productization and
Monetization Phase
  • More than a dozen Tier 1 & 2 Clients Onboarded Flex83 V.5 in the making to be launched

Faces Behind IoT83 Success

Lee House

Founder & CEO

Lee has a history of recognizing technology and market trends and using this to define and deliver disruptive and game-changing products that show fast returns for customers. Lee also brings deep operational pragmatism and business growth experience to IoT83 from GM and VP positions at GE, IBM, 3Com, IBM, and multiple Silicon Valley companies. Lee has MSEE and MBA degree from Duke University.

Deep Nayar

Founder / CTO & EVP Sales

A long-term start-up player and serial entrepreneur, Deep is the Founder of 83incs, the incubator that launched IoT83. His in-depth understanding of technology and two decades of engineering experience in delivering tier one quality solutions laid the foundation for Method83, IoT83's flagship platform. Deep's ability to quickly create unique value and fast results for each client has fueled IoT83 Sales since its inception.

Akhil Arora

Co-Founder / VP Sales

Akhil's financial and business solution experience brings a results-first approach to operational and product management teams seeking competitive advantage through Industrial IoT Asset Performance Management Solutions. Akhil quickly identifies client digital discontinuities and then maps out the digital transformation journey that provides the most significant immediate near-term and long-term value creation.

Arul Nagpal

Co-Founder / VP Finance and Operations

Always the voice of our customers, Arul heads IoT83 Operations. Arul aligns each piece of the business, be it sales, marketing, or product engineering - with pragmatic and effective execution plans to achieve both short-term and long-term strategic goals. Arul is a steadily experienced business leader who operated behind the scenes to relentlessly drive customer satisfaction.

Nishant Puri

Director of Sales

Nishant's stakeholder collaboration and Network Security solution experience align the needs of Key business stakeholders - Sales, Marketing, and Product engineering - with pragmatic and efficient solutions for both short-term and long-term strategic goals. He has a talent for identifying digital discontinuities and mapping out digital transformations that provide robust near-term and long-term solutions. Before IoT83, Nishant led sales & technology solutions for Cisco America Partners and was a frequent speaker for Cisco APO. Nishant is a Cisco-certified Inter-Networking Expert(Security & Collaboration)

Jayant Puri

VP Engineering

Jayant's amazing work ethic, team-first approach, dynamic, and innovative contributions have led directly to the Method83 platform's success. He has over a decade of experience in designing and building highly scalable, stable, and industry-leading products for Tier-1 customers and service providers.

Vinay Jindal

Senior Director of Engineering

Vinay Jindal has over two decades of experience building both high-performance real-time systems and highly scaled compute and networking applications for Tier-1 markets. Vinay is an expert in Edge Computing, but also in virtualization, Cloud, and Big Data. His understanding of IIoT, Big Data, and Analytics Coupled with his experience with the cost/performance driven embedded application space providers IoT83 a valuable edge in delivering Cohesive end-to-end IIoT Solutions.

Custom Applications Built On A Reliable Foundation

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