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Harness the Best of Industrial IoT Under Flex83

Flex83 streamlines application creation approach, enables OEMs to start at what is, in effect, 83% of solution completeness, with 17% of work remaining dedicated to OEM-specific application differentiation and business value creation.

This platform-centric custom solution approach dramatically cuts cost, risk, and time to market so that OEMs can deliver smart product lines with first-class and uniquely specialized applications like Asset Performance Management (APM), Field Ops, Asset Remote Monitoring (ARM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM), and Subscription-based Equipment-as-a-Service Solutions.

About Us

Converting Adoption Challenges into Transformative Opportunities

IoT83 is the only product technology company with the purpose of meeting sustained long-term competitive challenges. IoT83 enables global organizations to swiftly adapt to the Smart Products and Applications Revolution through its OEM Enterprise Domain Cloud Platform (OEDC). This platform allows OEMs to skip short-term or partial solutions offered by others, rolling straight to a Platform that fast-tracks new Smart Products and Applications. It provides the scalability and flexibility to deliver strategic multi-product Application and Solution ownership. OEMs have a streamlined path to deliver new Smart Products and Smart Applications, provide customers with a truly connected business model, and dramatically expand their market position and industry leadership.

Delivering End-to-end Values and Offerings


A versatile middleware to enable “coders/developers” to easily and quickly build a “custom” application platform; also called “full-code” code (IP) ownership is the key here.

Citizen Development

A User Interface bolted on top of the middleware to ease “citizen” developers/data handlers to interact with the same middleware via UX/UI rather than at the API level. This allows “citizen” developers and researchers teams to become part of the development flow leading to huge productivity gains; this interface is called as “Low Code Application Platform (LCAP)” interface or more popularly known as “Rapid Application Development (RAD)”


The purpose of any IoT solution is to create value. And create more value than the cost of producing the value. As a product owner, you need to know both the value of your solution and the cost of getting there. We can break down the costs into development costs, production costs, and operating costs

The IoT83 Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Combines:

  • A turn-key working, scalable, secure platform.
  • Application builder tools that enable your team in new application creation.
  • Agile and cost-effective software services to get you up and running fast.

We believe in hard work and dedication

Faces Behind IoT83 Success

Lee House

Founder & CEO

Lee House, Founder and CEO at IoT83, lends his visionary insights to this exploration. With a track record of recognizing technology trends and delivering game-changing enterprise solutions, Lee provides OEMs with a pragmatic guide on the importance of this IoT megatrend and the alternatives available to OEMs to move ahead of their competition.

Lee’s leadership spans GM and VP positions at GE, IBM, 3Com, and various Silicon Valley companies, backed by an MSEE and MBA from Duke University. Lee's role as a thought leader in the IoT domain positions him to guide OEMs into a future where connectivity and innovation redefine the industrial landscape.

Deep Nayar

Founder / CTO & EVP Sales

With a seasoned background as a long-term startup player and serial entrepreneur, Deep Nayar stands as the visionary Founder of 83incs, the innovative incubator that launched IoT83. Boasting over two decades of engineering expertise, Deep has navigated the dynamic landscape of technology, consistently delivering tier-one quality solutions. His profound understanding of the industry culminated in the creation of Flex83, the flagship OEDC platform powering bespoke IIoT solutions for Industrial OEMs' crucial business model transition.

In his role as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IoT83, Deep continues to lead with a dynamic blend of technical acumen and entrepreneurial flair. His distinctive ability to swiftly generate unique value and deliver rapid results has been the driving force behind IoT83's sustained success since its inception.

Akhil Arora

Co-Founder / VP Sales

Akhil, the VP of Sales at IoT83, brings a wealth of experience in financial and business solutions, fostering a results-oriented approach. Renowned for his ability to pinpoint digital gaps, Akhil guides operational and product management teams toward competitive advantages in Industrial IoT Asset Performance Management Solutions.

His expertise lies in crafting transformative digital journeys, ensuring clients experience substantial and lasting value creation. Akhil's strategic vision significantly contributes to the continued success of IoT83's sales endeavors.

Arul Nagpal

Co-Founder / VP Finance and Operations

Always the voice of our customers, Arul heads IoT83 Operations. Arul aligns each piece of the business, be it sales, marketing, or product engineering - with pragmatic and effective execution plans to achieve both short-term and long-term strategic goals. Arul is a steadily experienced business leader who operated behind the scenes to relentlessly drive customer satisfaction.

Nishant Puri

VP of Sales

Nishant Puri, VP of Sales at IoT83, is a seasoned professional with a background in network security solutions and brings a wealth of experience to the table. He aligns the needs of key business stakeholders – CXOs, Operation Heads, and Product Engineering – with pragmatic industrial solutions for short-term and long-term strategic goals.

Nishant's expertise lies in identifying digital discontinuities and orchestrating digital transformations for robust outcomes. Under the leadership of John Chambers, Nishant’s role as a Cisco-certified Inter-Networking Expert (Security and Collaboration) underscores his deep understanding of how digital transformation is built into networks, devices, and applications to protect businesses and consumers from cyber threats.

Nishant Puri's leadership and industry insights can guide OEMs into a future where connectivity and innovation incorporate IoT and the alternatives available to embrace business model transition and stay ahead of the competition.

Jayant Puri

VP Engineering

With more than 15 years in the industry, Jayant holds an amazing work ethic and a team-first approach. His dynamic and innovative contributions have led directly to the Flex83 platform's success. Being an Ex-Oraclite, he has experience in designing and building highly scalable, stable, and industry-leading products for Tier-1 customers and service providers.

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