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Experience the Power of Flex83

RPMA Networks

IoT83 is revolutionizing the industrial IoT by enabling digital transformation with its secure & scalable platform (Flex83), its application tools, and agile services, streamlining the big data deployments in a cost-effective manner for a faster and increased ROI.

Renesas Electronics

IoT83's cloud platform (Flex83) enabled Vision AI applications on Renesas Virtual Lab's RZ/V series MPUs. It supports RZ/V2M and RZ/V2L evaluation boards, using standard ONNX models and a DRP-AI translator. This solution performs AI inference while delivering metrics like FPS, FPS/Watt, and Inference Time.

Dominik GotheProduct Lead, True MFG

When working with Flex83, you are not just getting a world-class Application Enablement Platform (AEP), you are also gaining access to some of the brightest Dev Minds in the cloud space. It added immense value to our operations.

Constantine SSr. Tech Leader, nVent.

The software is very easy to use & intuitive. FLEX83 has been extremely helpful & committed to nVent success moving the company forward with connecting our legacy installed controller base to the cloud platform.

John MHead of Product, Actiontec

The FLEX83 as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP) was easily customized to handle our sophisticated and high-scale application. The IoT83 team worked with us to deliver this high-quality solution in a very short time.

IIoT Platform as Essential Solution Foundation – And There are Only a Few Real Choices

The OEDC Lets Your Business Define the Pace of Application Creation

Without OEDC: Single Application

Limited ability to address the highly differentiated ‘long-tail’ market needs distribution (one application over a time period).

With OEDC: Multiple Applications

Our OEDC is built for much higher levels of flexibility (multiple applications over a time period).

Simplified Development, Much Faster Deployment 

Technological Challenges While Incorporating an IoT Platform

Building an Industrial IoT Platform from scratch requires highly specialized and skilled resources. It’s both time and cost-heavy and does not ensure complete reliability from pilot programs to global operations. While quick onboarding through an IoT Platform does not help you with long-term strategic goals and development flexibility. OEM Enterprise Domain Cloud (OEDC) ensures that project stakeholders can accelerate the development of scalable and reliable IoT services.

What OEMs Need is to Build a Custom Solution yet Settle for Buying One

Our OEDC platform has been designed and built by industry veterans with a proven record of delivering highly reliable, secure, and scalable solutions. This empowers OEMs to engage the new market with confidence as the OEDC Platform is validated by multiple tier-1 OEMs in high-scale multi-tenant and multi-application deployments. The IoT83’s OEDC yields groundbreaking industrial solutions, and provides OEMs with Complete Application Ownership, Tight Control on Unit Economies, Zero Technical Debt & Vendor Dependency, Excellent Program Risk Management, and Assured Business Continuity.   

How Flex83 Assists Engineering Teams

  • Superior Interoperability
  • Valuable Data Insights
  • Zero Technical debt
  • Complete Source Code Ownership
  • Diminished Platform-level Complexity
  • Enterprise-grade Scale
  • Full Deployment Flexibility

Bridging the Gap from IoT Data to Intelligent Industrial Applications

Join IoT83 and IoTNow in this webinar, where you’ll discover how IoT83’s OEM & Enterprise Domain Cloud is changing IoT adoption complexities into simplified business model transition.