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How FLEX83 AEP transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment

Learn the power of Flex83 to rapidly build powerful visualizations for your IoT solutions simply by using the no-code / click-through workflow. Configure Flex83 and your dashboards and visualizations are dynamically created

Learn how the Flex83 Click-Through and Low-Code workflows simplify how users and operators can streamline handling of alerts, alarms and fault conditions and drive an immediate impact on improving operations.

Fleet83 provides fleet operators with detailed insight into the operation of their vehicles with OBD2 telemetry monitoring, alarm & alert set point configuration, route optimization, geotracking, and driver behavior analytics.

Multiple Sensors – Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, CO2 Levels, Noxious Gas, Presence, Proximity and Synthetic Sensor Analytics – All for Environmental Analytics Comfort and Security Management.

IoT83 had developed multiple applications for Smart Lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. Lux83 ties lighting and lighting controller hardware into a complete Smart Lighting solution.

IoT83 has implemented multiple applications using the Tracker83 framework for mobile asset management. From indoor, to personnel, to freight logistics, the Tracker83 provides a powerful head-start for Asset Tracking solution.

Instructions & Case Studies

Read how we empowered our clients to succeed in an evolving market

A detailed guide to getting started with Flex83, with examples of how to on-board devices, configure attributes, create “synthetic” variables, simulations, alarm thresholds and anomaly event actions.

This application brief illustrates how the multiple functions and capabilities of the Flex83 platform are implemented to implement the “Killer Applications” in IoT, maximizing operations efficiency, minimizing asset downtime and simplifying maintenance and service.

This article examines the question “Why do IoT Projects Fail” through a different lens to better understand what it takes to tip the scales to “Why do IoT Projects Succeed!”.

Differentiation & Business Briefs

Experience the difference with FLEX83, the solution you need to develop an IoT ecosystem

This document provides a look at IoT83’s business focus and differentiation. IoT83’s mission of dramatically lowering the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT, and enabling any business to realize the benefits that IoT provides.

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