Use Cases

Flex83 & it’s real-life implementation journey across various businesses and vertical markets.
Use cases

Making Multiple Programs Successful Solutions across Multiple Markets

With Flex83 – the Application Enablement Platform / Rapid Application Development Solution.

At IoT83 we have identified key “design patterns” that repeat across industrial vertical markets. Our Application Enablement Platform accelerates deployment of these business optimization design patterns to provide an immediate impact on operations, business metrics, and profitability.

Our application enablement platform provides the best-in-class low-risk path to building powerful new applications. Quickly connect devices and data flows. Easily transform and manage your data. Use iot83 tools to discover new insights. Use our application creation workflows to drive new business success.

Efficiency IoT-Efficiency

Gains Go Directly to the Bottom Line

  • Monitor Diverse Devices & Assets
  • System Wide Dashboards
  • Action on Event Automation Triggers
  • Catch Problems Before they Happen
  • Automate Process Adjustments and Streamline all Operations

The Fast Path to Dramatic Portfolio Enhancement

  • Intelligent Device Management
  • Product Performance Analytics
  • System Wide Optimization
  • Multi-Role Dashboards
  • Fault Detection, Prevention and Avoidance for Asset Protection
Smart Building Efficiency
  • Transform the Safety and Security of Your Facility with Enhanced Sensing
  • Track Air Quality, Comfort, Personnel Density, and Utilization of Resources
  • Track, Locate, or Optimize Valuable Assets Across Your Campus.
Connected Vehicles and Smart Transportation
  • OBD-II Port Integration for Smart Vehicle Performance Management
  • Fleet-Wide Dashboards for Regulatory, Diagnostics and Asset Management
  • Geofencing and Automation of Custom Performance Metrics
New Intelligence for a Complex WiFi World
  • Today’s Wi-Fi Networks are Complex. AIOps Makes them Manageable.
  • Lower Call-Center Service Time, Increase First Time to Fix.
  • Reduce Truck-Rolls and Drop-Ships
  • Automate Edge Device Optimization
Connected Devices for Smart Analytics and Operations
  • Connect Diverse Device Data to Monitor and Manage Operations
  • Analyze Workflows and Processes
  • Optimize Process Flows
    Detect Faults & Anomalies Early
  • Use AI & ML for Profitable Insights
Industry 4.0

Building Smart Prescriptions for Growers

  • Aggregate Data from Diverse Sources: Soil Sensors, Drones, Tractors …
  • Monitor Current Crop & Soil Conditions
  • Layered Productivity Analysis
  • Implement Diagnostic and Prescriptive Models to Optimize Yields

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