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Complete IIoT Value Creation for Product Line Management & Optimization 

While product owners understand the criticality of building the new IoT value across their portfolios, the historical challenges of development costs, time to market, and the complexity of building true enterprise-grade IIoT solutions have held many back.

Flex83 breaks the conventional technological barriers and transforms the IIoT ecosystem that truly streamlines OEM’s product management goals of complete IIoT product line transition to deliver the full value and promise of IIoT and most importantly to avoid being left behind.

Advancing the Product & R&D teams with Flex83 

Easily release IIoT products with deployment and lifecycle management to meet and go beyond your customer expectations.

Launch an Asset Performance Management Application (APM) 

Launch your smart APM application to assess the real-time operational performance and health of your industrial assets, and ensure optimal functionality, prolonged lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced resource allocation efficiency. 

Introduce Asset-as-Service Model

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) allows manufacturers to deliver products and rental support services as part of long- or short-term subscription contracts. They can offer products or equipment to customers for a fixed period on rent or lease and gain periodic payment for the equipment used. 

Build an Ecosystem of Interconnected Smart Systems 

Significant business transformation occurs when all systems, applications, and devices are interconnected. Enhance real-time IoT device data by integrating contextual data from other systems, maximizing ROI through IoT solution integration with operational business systems or applications (whether on-premises or in the cloud). Additionally, automate actions and workflows based on IoT events. 

Product-level roadblocks while incorporating an Industrial IoT Solution

Improve product excellence by solving business-wide roadblocks to optimization and new product development. Increase competitive advantage and foster a servitization culture. With Flex83, product owners can turn challenges into opportunities: 
Monetizing Intelligence
Digital Continuity
Product Differentiation
Product Reliance
Multi-tenant Management
Deployment Flexibility

Why Industrial IoT Product Teams Consider Flex83? 

Product-line Success

Spearhead conceptualization to development, launch, and ongoing feature optimization. 

IIoT Cloud Application Ecosystem Evolution 

Largely due to the complexity of industrial-grade or enterprise-ready IIoT Platforms it has taken the market quite some time to evolve to alignment with the pragmatic needs of most OEMs. Looking at the diagram below we can see this evolution. 

Bridging the Gap from IoT Data to Intelligent Industrial Applications 

Join IoT83 and IoTNow in this webinar, where you’ll discover how IoT83’s OEM & Enterprise Domain Cloud is changing IoT adoption complexities into simplified business model transition.