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A Proven turn-key AEP solution

Over 65M devices are already connected to Flex83.

Flex83’s Application Enablement Platform (AEP) dramatically outshines traditional IoT-as-a-service (IoTaas) solutions. With Flex83, equip yourself with a proven/scalable/secure underlying IoT engine to run your applications, as well as the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Low-Code & N0-Code workflows to build your custom & powerful applications. 

From initial solutions, to advanced, from small applications to mega-scale, and across your application lifecycle, Flex83 provides you with a continuum of value.

Flex83 will unleash your industry know-how for powerful results!

The future is already here - with Flex83.

Tap into full-cycle IoT development and a continuum of value.

Simplify complex connections

Keep the chaos coordinated.

Easily connect anything to anything with our AEP Connection Manager. You can create complex connections with diverse devices, between external databases, existing applications, APIs, middleware, web applications, and network files in a simple and secure environment.

Blend data from different sources

Ingest. Transform. Enhance. Humanize.

Create powerful data ingestion and consolidation pipelines. Instead of getting intimately familiar with all the quirks of underlying technology, you can manage data ingestion and transformations easily with our Data Transformation Studio. Collect & manage data from different data sources, including Hadoop, Mongo, Cassandra, Elastic, and SQL.

Consolidate insights from siloed data

Data Lake: A centralized data repository.

Integrate important data from different sources easily & empower users to collaborate & analyze data in several ways that lead to more reliable & quicker decision making. You can store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale with Flex83’s Data Lake.

Flex83 has a rich collection of databases that provide you all the right tools for a normalized data lake & unified secure data access.

Data Lake

Develop the application you imagine

Harness your creativity.

Build custom business logic, automation rules, algorithms, and workflows with our Code Engines. Create simple or complex application logics with our No Code, Low Code, or Custom Code engagement models. Creating custom & secure APIs to your IoT application for internal or external use is just another step in the workflow.

One platform for end-to-end visibility

Insights at a glance.

Connect the dots with our Insights Studio in real-time. Flex83 provides the tools and workflows to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence experiments and to integrate this power into your applications. You can even integrate with popular cloud gateways like Amazon IoT Core and Azure IoT Hub.

Transform data into operational insights

Interactive context customized dashboards.

Explore our ready-to-use Flex83 Dashboard Studio and see how easy it is to transform your data into actionable IoT system optimizations. Or, put our Widget Builder to test and build customized dashboards with sample reports, libraries, data sources, and visualizations specific to your industry.

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Industry applications

     Fleet Management
  • Vehical telementry reporting and monitoring
  • Fleet route & geo fencing management
  • Driver behaviour, safety & fleet security
  • Predective maintainance & repaire scheduling
     Distributed Manufacturing
  • Cross-site sensor aggregation & integration
  • Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • OT/IT/BT Systems Integration
  • Data Distribution to multiple MFG devices
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Smart City & Lighting Solutions
  • Integration with LoRa RF Networks
  • Over-the-air Edge Device Updates & MGT
  • Algorithm implementations for LUX controls
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Manufacturing as a Service
  • Enabling "mass production" to MFGaaS
  • Complete business workflows for operations
  • Connecting manufactures to local demand
  • Full MFG 4.0 workflows for fabrications
     Asset Management
  • Over 65M Devices & 5.5M Home Connected
  • Monitoring routers & end-user devices
  • Service management & operations workflows
  • AI/ML analytics for problem discovery
     Smart Edge Device Management
  • Build on the Cloud - Deploy on the Edge
  • Iterative upgrades of Edge Device applications
  • Over the Air Upgrades to Edge Devices
  • Digital Twins of Edge Devices in the Cloud
     Enterprise & Business Integration
  • Middleware for BT/IT/OT Integration
  • Cross-Domain data normalization & data-lake
  • Analytics & AI/ML applications
  • Secure API bridge across multiple applications

Here's what our customers are saying about FLEX83.

Wavenet Solutions

The power & flexibility of Flex83 has enabled multiple successful collaborations & new product innovations in our companies. FLEX83 is highly recommended.

Sanjay B.



The software is very easy to use & intuitive. Flex83 has been extremely helpful & committed to nVent success moving the company forward with connecting our legacy installed controller base to the cloud platform.

Constantine S.

Sr. Technology Leader


The Flex83 platform was easily customized to handle our highly specialized and high-scale application. The IoT83 team worked with us to deliver this high-quality solution in a very short time.

John M.

Sr. Product Manager

Find the Flex83 module that's right for you.

No Code

Build within clicks.

Create a powerful IoT solution in a matter of minutes - no code needed. Just point your IoT data streams at Flex83 and "click through" security & application configuration, and your professional IoT application is dynamically generated.

Low Code

Big data with ease.

Significantly speed up the creation of complex applications containing application specific logic and automated workflows. Use Low-Code tools to integrate with other information systems, and implement slick user interfaces.

Custom Code

Create your own.

Take complete control of your IoT application. Combine our Low-Code workflows with your own custom code built in our integrated Cloud IDE. Easily manage your application containers & components Define your own boundaries.

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