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Simplifying Your Enterprise Software Development

Our Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Platform-as-a-service offering helps enterprises build and deploy applications with faster times to market. Our platform links IoT devices and applications for various industrial operations. We have simplified the way applications are built with a No-Code & Low-Code Code Engine.

No-Code & Low-Code Code Engine

Build Applications Conveniently, Without Compromising On Your Expectations

No Code

No Code – With Flex83’s No-Code application creation model, you get

Our No-code platform simplifies the way applications are built to ensure rapid development with customized workflow and functionalities.

Low Code

Low Code – With Flex83’s Low-Code application creation model, you get

Flex83’s Low code platform is built for maximizing business efficiency and accelerating application development with the right tools and features. Our workflows let you connect with other devices, transform data with our intuitive ETL, build custom business logic, and analytics with ML Models, and build custom dashboards.

Unleash your industry know-how for
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The Application Enablement Platform (AEP) from Flex83 significantly outperforms most of the established IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) options. With Flex83, you can create custom, robust applications with the help of Rapid Application Development (RAD) Low-Code & No-Code workflows. The underlying IoT engine is tried-and-true, scalable, and secure.

Connect and Monitor
Manage & Operate
Analyze and Optimize
Role-Based Access Control

Flex83 offers you a continuum of value across your application lifecycle, from basic solutions to sophisticated, small applications to large-scale.

Organize devices by “Device Type”

Securely connect multiple device types

Publish data to Flex83 over MQTT and send “Actions” back to your devices.

Create Device Attributes

Assign friendly names & units to data use

Flex83 math functions on data create newly derived or synthetic variables.

Manage Your Devices

Assign names & locations to devices

create Icons to represent your devices. Edit & manage the properties of devices.

Monitor Device Data & Create Actions

“Watch & Act” on device or group data use

Nested “If / Then” action analytics trigger webhooks, RPCs, SMS & email

Create & Manage Device Groups

Group devices for logical device MGT

Create tags for device groups or create clusters of devices

Create Dashboard Pages

Build drill-down dashboards on data

Configure aggregations & analytics as well as configure events & action triggers

Significance of the IoT Platform layer

Characteristics that will go on to define your business

Business Benefit – Rapid Application Development

The benefits of RAD are somewhat intuitive, but here we take a closer look at what enabling Rapid Application Development can mean to business program success rates:

Risk Reduction

The ability to rapidly create and share working prototypes, lets the business review functionality earlier in the application life cycle, facilitating in avoiding rework that could disrupt the entire project. Rapid Application Development methodology’s time-box approach mitigates cost and reduces risk.

Quick Delivery

Rapid Application Development ensures quick delivery by applying iterative releases and code reusability on a model-driven, Low-Code platform. This allows businesses to focus less on overwrought processes and documentation resulting delivery of solutions on time.

Improved Quality

Incorporating prototyping and functionality testing throughout the project life cycle increases software quality as requirements can be validated and developed based on user feedback.

Better Productivity

In RAD, the client is involved every step of the way and the developer has the opportunity to present their work frequently. This gives the developer a certain level of confidence when the final product is delivered, thus greatly improving developer productivity.

Greater customer satisfaction

As the customer is involved throughout the development cycle, the risk of not achieving client satisfaction and business needs is minimized.

Reduced Costs

The rapid Application Development framework requires short, agile sprints that repeat as frequently as the project requires. This iterative approach uncovers bugs and logic issues before they can derail delivery. The shortened cycle time improved productivity and fewer resources significantly reduce the cost of application development.

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