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No business deliberately creates information and data silos. But as businesses grow, new segments and workgroups are formed, and access to insight is restricted laterally.

Data Lake Solutions from IoT83:
A scalable and secure enterprise platform

A data lake, an advancement in analytical data repositories, allows organizations to keep all of their structured and unstructured data in one place.

Organizations can store data without even structuring it and performing a variety of analytics, from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, in-the-moment analytics, and machine learning, to help them make better decisions.

Why is a Data Lake Necessary?

Consolidate insights from siloed data Data Lake:
A centralized data repository.

Integrate crucial data from multiple sources easily and empower users to collaborate and analyze data in a variety of ways, resulting in more reliable and faster decision-making. Flex83’s Data Lake allows you to store all of your structured and unstructured data at any scale.
Flex83 has a large database collection that includes all of the necessary tools for a normalized data lake and unified secure data access.

Eliminate Siloed Data with Centralized
Data Repository

A great way to eliminate data silos is to move data into a repository that every stakeholder can access, such as a data warehouse or data lake. The ETL process is the most popular method for combining data from various sources into a single target database

After all, as an enterprise, you would want to be on the path to more proactive use of data throughout the organization by destroying data silos. In totality, Six key capabilities—data, access, model, analyze, consume, and insights—are critical for better data consumption for business insights.

Companies looking to eliminate data silos and extract value from their data must use data integration products that extract, load and transform data flawlessly. Companies can combine siloed data using our AEM, denormalize it, add value, and adorn it with business logic and metrics to prepare it for analytics.

IoT83’s ETL solution is designed specifically for the cloud; we use the strength and efficiency of a cloud data warehouse to transform data with a more affordable, scalable approach.

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