Manufacturing as a Service

IoT83's Manufacturing as a Service suite for seamless cross-site sensor aggregation and integration, as well as monitoring critical infrastructure and fault management


Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT

The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of integrating IoT, which is a crucial part of the global industrial transformation. The manufacturing as a service offering from IoT83 provides manufacturers with the opportunity to adopt digital transformation from a variety of perspectives, including automation, visibility, customer-centricity, and shortened time to market. With Cross-site sensor aggregation & integration collecting complete product data through various stages of a product cycle, the IoT83 manufacturing as a service suite makes the entire process proactive. Additionally, the quality control staff can use Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT to check if and where equipment calibration deviates from recommended settings.

How Do We Do That?

Intensifying ROI by utilizing transformational technologies

We collaborate seamlessly to deploy customized tools, connected devices, and connected workflows to assist you in maximizing ROI through the use of new technologies.


Transforming the systems and processes across industries

Enabling “mass Production” to MFGaaS

How businesses gather and analyze data affects nearly every industry and sector, including manufacturing. IoT83’s manufacturing as a service suite enables you to transform the systems and processes of today’s factory environment by leveraging data from machines and equipment. It supports connecting assets to processes, systems, and people by enabling better plant process integration, increasing productivity, and advancing manufacturing to the next stage of transformation.

Complete Business Workflows for Operations

Manufacturing as service providers are managing their business processes with the assurance of quick application development, thorough business process automation, contextual engagement & process mapping, and ongoing workflow optimization by utilizing IoT83’s low code process automation platform.

Connecting Manufactures to Local Demand

Connecting Manufactures to Local Demand are among the many areas of the manufacturing process automation and supervision that IoT83 and flex83 platforms and derived products cover, starting from the field level. By using cross-site sensor aggregation and integration, we enable efficient centralized evaluation of existing data sources and unlock them, allowing for the making of more informed decisions.

Full MFG 4.0 Workflows for Fabrications

IoT83 offers Adaptable options for Full MFG 4.0 Workflows for Fabrications. You can configure the notification to launch a workflow in response to an event and to be synchronized with physical systems like entry access, light control systems, and fire alarms. Manufacturing units can now implement unique alert workflows that inform and gather feedback from their units.

Use Cases

Ability to Deliver Work Instructions and Digital Assets Wirelessly

Machine monitoring to track OPE/OEE

Linear quality control

Comprehensive control of the manufacturing supply chain

Constant oversight of all decentralized and contracting processes

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