Edge Device Management

IoT83 Edge Device Management Suite to support the ever-increasing influx of connected devices intelligently


The Internet of Things (IoT) will keep expanding rapidly. And one of the most key considerations in managing such rapid growth will be scalability

To continuously monitor, fully secure, and manage the growing number of devices, IoT applications must be scalable. As device functionality evolves, new users are added, and the overall network matures, organizations must improve the scalability of their IoT applications to accommodate growth and, consequently, technology requirements.

A well-designed IoT platform such as IoT83 can assist businesses in developing a flexible architecture for developing elastic IoT applications to support an increasing number of devices, users, and data volumes. IoT83 Application Enablement Platform (AEP) provides developers with a platform that allows them to quickly build and test new use cases and applications, and it grows and scales as application adoption grows.

Why a specialized IoT edge device management platform?

Simple Deployment

The right IoT management solution can significantly speed up and simplify the deployment process by enabling remote device configuration.

Automatic updates

IoT software updates can be distributed automatically to your fleet’s total number of devices or groups of devices.

Secured fleet

Delivering regular security updates to your IoT devices using a device management solution offers the best protection.

Effective troubleshooting

Secure remote access to the IoT edge device can enable an engineer to work remotely on resolving a problem for small and midsize IoT projects.

Seamless integration

Your edge data can be processed, stored, and analyzed after it has been transported.

IoT83 and edge device management

Advancing the management of edge devices

  • Integrates the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Comprehensive data analysis and insights
  • Calculations of total effective equipment performance (TEEP) or overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Providing communication workflows for managing edge devices
  • Alert and notification delivery communication workflows

Benefits of Edge Device Management

Maintain a secure, stable, and updated product fleet

Over-the-air software update

These software upgrades may include bug fixes or an upgrade to the product application with newly created features.

View the status of each edge device

Including whether it is online and connected to the internet, offline, or even powered off.

Tracking edge devices

Receive notifications when one of your devices behaves differently than it should and relevant error information to help you identify the problem more quickly.

Remote control edge devices

Tools and features to debug every device as if it were in your office

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