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Connect the dots with our Insights Studio in real-time

The sky’s the limit with Flex83’s intelligence & analytics. Flex83 provides the tools and workflows needed to run machine learning and artificial intelligence experiments and integrate the results into your applications. You can also integrate with well-known cloud gateways such as Amazon IoT Core and Azure IoT Hub.

Key Capabilities

Convert real-time IoT data into significant business value

Video Analysis

Analyze video automatically to detect and determine events and gain useful insights.

Face Recognition

Get smart and identify or verify people in photos and real-time streaming.

Object Detection

Detects object instances in digital images and video streaming.

Trends & Forecast

Discover trends in your data and use the information to optimize your system.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze audio sentiments and generate actionable insights from user or customer emotions.

Model Deployment

Bring any machine learning model and deploy it in your Flex83 Application Enablement Platform (AEP) solution.

Custom ML

Create your use-case-specific model, complete with control parameters.

Auto ML

To streamline & simplify building accurate machine learning models.

Use Cases

Swift development of flexible and creative IoT solutions

The “IoT Killer Applications” for improving business results are built around work simplification, operations and service optimization, and asset fault detection, prevention, and avoidance.

Advance your existing enterprise solutions

 In addition to offering the best-in-class solution for developing applications, IoT83 offers a perfect framework for integrating new southbound data flows, seamlessly integrating new or legacy “Northbound” applications, expanding enterprise data processing, and adding new data analytics intelligence.

Increase the coherence of your enterprise data

Use the secure IoT83 Data Connectors, Secure API Gateway features, data transformation tools, and support for multiple databases to connect all of your enterprise “Southbound” data flow to your diverse “Northbound” applications. With Flex83, what was once very difficult is now much simpler, scalable, and reliable.

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