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Data Transformation Studio

To make sure your ETL fulfils your data aspirations

The overall cloud evolution landscape is altering the way modern industries function. Contemporary industries must fully utilize the cloud and its limitless computing and capacity resulting from the huge volume of customer data, the exponential number of data sources, and disruptions. Organizations must adopt real-time data processing to scale and provide faster access to data to decision-makers.

For many, the traditional extract, transform, and load (ETL) platforms continue to be a barrier to cloud migration, cloud utilization, and data integration. Flex83 ETL studio develops ETL migration and modernization strategies on a comprehensive level based on current technology stacks, use cases, and business processes and objectives.

Whether it is the integration of different data silos in real-time into a single data lake or combining data from different systems to produce new levels of application value- We do it all.

Differentiated Data Collection

The concept of storing all of an application’s data in a single relational data store has been the core foundation of almost every legacy application. To improve application performance, the idea of differentiated data collection and storage ensures that data for applications is always stored in the best data store at any given time.

Dynamic Transformations

Seamlessly set up and flow data with a few simple clicks

  • With our Dynamic ETL, you can choose your preferred database source and sink from more than 120 connectors, and configure ETL using straightforward SQL-like statements.
  • Customize, enrich, and transform the data you receive. Or quickly change it before it even reaches the sink.

ETL at Scale

Transforms a million streams per second with ease. 

  • Choose any source, configure your ETL, and sync with your preferred connector – At Scale.
  • Or else, use UDFs to apply a model or piece of code to streaming or batch jobs and sink the results to databases, applications, or connectors.


Flawless data collection solutions

  • Use integrated Notebooks to write Scala code alongside Apache Spark jobs (ETLs: Extract, Transform and Load).
  • You can also use the power of a spark in-memory processing engine to write streaming and batch jobs.

Secure & Reliable Collection

Stay on top of every data with Flex83

  • The Flex83 pipeline can handle millions of streams per second and is secure.
  • Our ETL studio is completely dependable thanks to integrated application auto-healing and diagnostic capabilities.

Simplified Data Flow Framework

An enterprise-focused data solution that enables a ready-to-use and integrated data ecosystem.

Extract the data from multiple data sources, transform it in the staging area, and load it into the Data Warehouse system- Flex83 ETL solutions is as simple as it can get

Pick a connector from our extensive collection that supports streaming—SQL, no SQL, file, etc.

Deploy streaming ETLs to process structured, semi-structured & unstructured data from streaming sources

And send or save data insights to any storage- be it databases, files, or streaming.

Process structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data from SQL using batch ETLs.

Data Visualization in 3 Easy Steps

Visually analyze intricate data to the smallest details.

Step 1

Load Data

Step 2

Select Parameters

Step 3

Plot Time Series

Data Visualization Advantages

Industries across the globe have changed their preconceived notions about data visualization and presentation as a result of technological advancements. Data visualization solutions and simplified data flow framework from Flex83 allow industries to process information more quickly and use that information to improve productivity.

Take a look at these top 3 advantages of data visualization:

  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Simple to comprehend
  • Reveal insights that conventional reports might miss.

Data to Analytics Richness with Insights Studio

Detailed analytics and reporting across the organization

Flex83 Data Studio provides organizations with accurate reporting and analytics so they can decide when and where to act on their data, capabilities consist of: 

Improves the customer experience and productivity by modernizing data platforms

Uses AI/ML to redefine and reengineer business processes

Aid in the at-scale conversion of data into decisions by industrializing data integration, big data management, and AI/ML initiatives through accelerators and frameworks

Insights Studio

Open up new opportunities with the data at your disposal

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Flex83 uses its data science expertise to create tailored business-specific solutions that change how companies interact and use their data for expansion.

We assist businesses in gaining more value from their data for effective decision-making thanks to our experience and in-depth competency in AI, ML, deep learning frameworks, and best practices in data storage, integration, governance, and visualization.

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