Transforming the application creation landscape

A flexible and wide range of changing circumstances to maintain their competitive advantage.

To be able to work effectively, the appropriate software solutions are necessary. Additionally, hiring qualified technical personnel places a significant burden on businesses. You might be taking them away from important new projects at a time when you need them to assist you in testing and implementing new software solutions. Applications that you can quickly install on your own save your IT department time and increase your independence.

IoT83 application marketplace has a rich set of tools, procedures, and APIs beneath the user-facing storefront area. Now, businesses can operate more effectively and gain the same technological advantages as much larger competitors thanks to the options available in the IoT83 application marketplace. You can use Flex83 to create the application and publish it in the marketplace. The marketplace makes it simple to handle tenant administration, billing, performance management, and resource management.

The conventional process of Application Creation

The conventional method for developing applications is frequently complicated, expensive, and delayed as a result of various factors like:

Introducing Flex83 Marketplace A brand-new approach to developing apps

The IoT83 app marketplace is strategically designed to foster valuable partnerships and features a wide range of software applications.

Deployment Manager

Backend service to manage all services

Helm Chart repository

Online central repository to store all helm charts

Helm Crud

Create / update / delete service using helm charts

State of cluster

Stored in Kubernetes secrets by Helm

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