Asset Management

IoT83 Asset Management Suite- From Asset location identification and tracking to seamless routing asset movement with manifests


Control IT resources, find cost savings, and guarantee legal compliance

Enterprises can take control of IT assets, discover savings, and ensure compliance with regulations thanks to IoT83 Asset Management Suite. It can optimize investments, stop buying unused software, avoid penalties and fines for non-compliance, and has an accurate picture of assets throughout their lifecycle. Through access authorization and process automation, this cloud-based asset management solution helps medium to large-sized businesses manage assets, vendor contracts, licenses, compliance, inventory, and more.

How Do We Do That?

A cloud-based asset management solution with access authorization and process automation

IoT83 Asset Management Suite enhances visibility into IT assets at every stage of their lifecycle.


Multi-device integration, monitoring end-user devices, and AI/ML model building

Over 65M Devices & 5.5M Home Connected

5.5 million homes and 65 million WiFi devices are served by a major North American service provider’s deployment of Flex83’s PoC in one month and production in a year, which has resulted in numerous significant market wins. In just two months, multi-device integration was completed and company-wide adoption of Flex83 increased NPI by a year.

Monitoring Routers & end-user Devices

IoT83 provides a simple and cost-effective network monitoring solution by tracking everything with an IP address and connected to the network- such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines, printers, and storage devices.

Service Management & Operations Workflows

IoT83 creates visually distinct life cycles for requests and issues to deliver standardized service experiences and increases the efficiency of the process by directing technicians through the ticket life cycle using transitions.

AI/ML Analytics & Problem Discovery

In addition to offering an integrated toolset and workflows to help with AI/ML Model Building, Validation, and Field Deployment in Field / Lab Hardware, Cloud Platform enables Zero Touch Board Provisioning.

Use Cases

A Gateway for Collecting Data and Communicating with the Cloud

Define alerts and maintenance schedules: Alerts can be generated based on the current state of the process and any anomalies

Industry-specific workflow automation

Identify, track, and trace assets Using intelligent sensors

Asset Condition Monitoring

Detect theft, keep inventory in order, avoid quality issues, and optimize logistics

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