Middleware API

Versatile Middleware solving Multiple Key Issues of Modern
Application World


Bridging The Front-end & Back-end For Systematic Flow of Information

A middleware ensures the transfer of information between the application and components like the back-end data sources. Flex83’s intuitive workflows ensure connectivity of multiple data sources and can connect to virtually anything. The custom code engine and analytics tools help build powerful middleware components for all solutions.

Business Value Of Middleware

Business Flexibility

Capex to Opex, OEM to Usage

Cloud Adoption

Edge / Hybrid / Agnostic / Native

SaaS Maturity

Per Tenant Degree of Personalization and Ease

Functional Value Of Middleware

Middleware allows citizen developers to build applications without the need for custom integration to connect to application components, data sources, computing resources, or devices.

Configure & control connections and integrations

Based on user interaction with the application, middleware customizes the responses from the back-end.

Secure connections and data transfer

By utilizing Transport Layer Security, middleware creates a secure network from the front-end of the application to the data sources.

Manage traffic dynamically across distributed systems

Adapting to the swaying traffic on the application, the middleware scales elastically to accommodate user demands across different servers.

Application Enablement Platform (AEP)
Middleware Services

Identity Access Management

Key Management Service

Container Management Service

Notification Service

Market Place Service

Deployment Management Service

Device Handling Service

Rule Engine Service

Managed Services

Lambda Service

API Gateway Service

Big Data Service

AI-ML Service

Rich Media Handling Service

Data Lake Service


Application – Front End

Application – Back End

Streamline Your Application Development Process With A Strong Middle Layer

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