Flex83 Application Enablement Platform

Outperform Traditional IoT-as-a-Service (IoTaas) Solutions with Flex83's

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With Flex83, you have the opportunity to arm yourself

With a tested, scalable, and secure IoT engine to power your applications as well as Rapid Application Development (RAD), Low-Code, and No-Code workflows to create unique and powerful applications.

Flex83 offers you a continuum of value across your application lifecycle, from basic solutions to sophisticated, small applications to large-scale


Discover a range of multi-tenant solutions that offer reserved shared resources. Without the need to refactor workloads and applications, this solution GUARANTEES the scalability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of the public cloud YOU NEED

Market Place

A simple click-and-buy platform that provides complete IoT solutions, including hardware, software, and cloud connectivity, ready for smart application deployment.


Horizontal and vertical integration- Breaking down information silos and utilizing all of the data that a company produces. Flex83 assists you in managing the transition effectively.

Edge Controller

Edge Controller: To enhance data processing, increase productivity, decrease downtime, and cut operational costs.

Edge Agents

To oversee an environment for edge computing where devices typically lack networking capabilities

Low Code Platform

With the flex83 Low-Code Platform for High-Speed Digital Transformation, you can create, release, scale, and secure apps more quickly.

One Bedrock For Multiple Needs

Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Journey vs Flex83 Journey

Streamlining intricate connections

Flex83’s Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Connection Manager makes connecting anything to everything simple. In a straightforward and secure environment, you can build complex connections using a variety of devices, between external databases, current applications, APIs, middleware, web applications, and network files.

Integrate information from multiple sources

Make effective pipelines for data ingestion and consolidation. With the help of Flex83’s Data Transformation Studio, you can easily manage data ingestion and transformations without having to become intimately familiar with all the peculiarities of the underlying technology. Gather and manage information from a variety of sources, such as Hadoop, Mongo, Cassandra, Elastic, and SQL.

Consolidate insights from siloed data

Flex83 facilitates the easy integration of crucial data from various sources and enables users to collaborate and conduct data analysis in a variety of ways for faster and more accurate decision-making. With Flex83’s Data Lake, you can store all of your structured and unstructured data at any scale. The extensive database collection at Flex83 gives you all the tools you need for a normalized data lake and unified secure data access.

Develop the application you envision

A new step in the workflow is to build secure, customized APIs for your IoT application that can be used internally or externally. With the help of Flex83’s Code Engines, you can create unique business logic, automation rules, algorithms, and workflows. With our No Code, Low Code, or Custom Code engagement models, you can create easy or intricate application logic.

Insights at a glance

Real-time data analysis is possible with Flex83 Insights Studio. To implement machine learning and artificial intelligence experiments and incorporate this power into your applications, Flex83 offers the tools and workflows. Even well-known cloud gateways like Azure IoT Hub and Amazon IoT Core can be integrated.

Dashboards with a customized interactive context

Explore our readily available Flex83 Dashboard Studio to learn how simple it is to convert your data into useful IoT system improvements. Alternatively, build custom dashboards using our Widget Builder and sample reports, libraries, data sources, and visualizations relevant to your sector.

Platform Architecture


To help you launch your solution quickly, Flex83 provides workflows and application tools that are user-friendly. The Application Enablement Platform (AEP) covers a wide range of activities, such as integrating devices, flows, and applications, as well as data transformation and storage, analytics, AI & ML, creating dashboards, and developing and launching applications.

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Big Data & Analytics

Based on current technology stacks, use cases, business processes, and objectives, Flex83 ETL studio develops comprehensive ETL migration and modernization strategies.

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Insight Studio

With the help of flex83’s data Insights Studio, privacy, security, and governance teams can easily create rich, perceptive, and actionable insights. They can also quickly keep track of pertinent metrics to more accurately gauge the advancement of their data initiatives. For teams to act quickly and make the best decisions possible regarding their data, Data Insights Studio aims to bridge the gap between insight and action.

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Data Lake

Transferring data to a repository that can be accessed by all stakeholders is a great way to eliminate data silos. Organizations can keep all of their structured and unstructured data in one location thanks to data lakes, a development in analytical data repositories.

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Flex83’s user-friendly workflows guarantee connectivity of numerous data sources and can connect to almost anything. The analytics tools and custom code engine work together to create strong middleware components for all solutions.

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IoT Platform

The Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Platform-as-a-Service from Flex83 enables businesses to develop and deploy applications more quickly. For various industrial operations, our platform connects IoT devices and applications.

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Low Code Platform

The Low-Code workflows enable you to add custom analytics and ML models, add custom dashboards, connect to practically anything using our library of Connectors, transform data with our user-friendly ETL engine, and build custom business logic using a variety of coding tools, and more.

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Develop the apps using Flex83, then publish them to the marketplace. The marketplace makes it simple to handle tenant administration, billing, performance management, and resource management.

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Container Management

Effective container platforms are essential for the efficiency of cloud environments and applications. Container platforms allow for the automated and seamless management of containerized applications.

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Smart Edge Device Management

The ever-growing number of connected devices, the addition of new users, cutting-edge application features, and deep analytics capabilities must all be supported by IoT applications. IoT applications in the future must scale without sacrificing quality.

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