Ops Teams

Reach the eventual goal of sustainable scale with groundbreaking industrial solutions

Empowering businesses to execute large-scale innovation to help them fully exploit the power of modern production systems

Realize scale efficiencies and roll out the model to expand market reach: Navigating market uncertainties and transitioning your software solution from development to the reliability phase.

Mitigate risks and weather any storm to support critical decision-making

Our approach allows a highly efficient transition from the “status quo”, with an application development and deployment “factory”: A path to building powerful solutions which is streamlined and cumulative – from early work with PoCs and MVPs – through first office applications – and on to multiple high-scale, highly secure, multi-tenant applications

Mitigate risks with real-time data, reducing customer
Predict outages to meet operational benchmarks
Safely assess damage remotely to prioritize your responses
Detect and forecast performance improvements
to operations

The value of new digital solutions compounds when new service offerings go well beyond what was possible before

Reach the eventual goal of sustainable scale with groundbreaking industrial solutions

The convergence of IIoT and AI is in revolution, increasing the need for seamless execution and scalability. With increased adoption of the new Smart products & Applications, get your business more central to operations, thus increasing account control.

Integrate your “Smart Applications” into enterprise-wide “Smart Systems” to generate “Network Effect” where the value of the integration of individual applications is far more than the sum of each stand-alone application

Why Operations Leads consider Flex83 to ensure superior execution with minimal failures?

  • Embrace your journey to large-scale innovation
  • Overcome the problem of limited data insights
  • Command high degree of customer confidence with Security and data privacy
  • OOTB OT/IT/ET connectors along with Industry Domain Cloud
  • Drive key results with the benefit of unit economies
  • Preparedness to address data challenges and fix bad data
  • Unlock new opportunities for efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness

Secure a Service-Centric Solution with high performance at scale

Bridging the Gap from IoT Data to Intelligent Industrial Applications

Join IoT83 and IoTNow in this webinar, where you’ll discover how IoT83’s OEM & Enterprise Domain Cloud is changing IoT adoption complexities into simplified business model transition.