C-Suite Teams

Accelerate your journey to business transformation: ‘Sustaining innovation’ for business leaders

Establish the ‘Right pace of change’ with accelerating progress and sustaining momentum

Implement a strategic plan for business transformation well beyond a product development and unlock your path to powerful competitive advantage to boost revenue, profits, and return on investments

Generate a smart survival and growth strategy by unblocking the path to Smart Products & IoT Differentiation

In current times, companies are failing to capture value from 70 percent of their pilots. Moreover, the pilots are too slow. Some 85 percent of the companies surveyed spend more than one year in pilot mode, while 28 percent spend more than two years.

To avoid this trap of ’Pilot Purgatory’, Flex83 builds powerful specialized solutions to capture the full value of IIoT Implementation and rescue you from leaving this new value creation and associated profit to the next player in the value chain

Capture the Full Value of IIoT Implementation

Providing an unparalleled Solution that leads to the most sustainable

Allows leaders to tightly couple investments with near-term results

The Application Enablement Platform (AEP) path is shown to be the most attractive, but only enables short-term results

What OEMS and Enterprises need from a platforms:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security, Reliability and Scalability Applications that will meet CIO audits for deployments – or these solutions can never be used
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) and the Customization Flexibility for multiple OEM products, customer and vertical market solutions to enable long-term success
  • Application Deployment Flexibility to serve various OEM go-to-market alternatives – without AWS, Azure or other cloud provider vendor lock-in.

These are all essential but challenging requirements and the low-code “RAD” platforms discussed simply cannot provide them.

Why Business Heads consider Flex83 to create a resilient business model?

  • Analysis-based decisions with prudent investments
  • Foundation for a recurring revenue model
  • New revenue streams by leveraging APM, ARM, and predictive maintenance
  • Mitigate the threat of delayed time-to-market
  • Phenomenal increase in the return on investments
  • Deliver value with resources optimization
  • Align product vision with business goals
Add a sustainable element to your business transformation as in current market disruptions, early right action wins

Bridging the Gap from IoT Data to Intelligent Industrial Applications

Join IoT83 and IoTNow in this webinar, where you’ll discover how IoT83’s OEM & Enterprise Domain Cloud is changing IoT adoption complexities into simplified business model transition.