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Only Application Creation Platform enabling Flexible Development, Deployment, and Business.

Fast meets Flexible as we simplify your journey to build “Killer IoT Applications” purposed for a multitude of functions in the industrial world – Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Fault Detection, Avoidance & Prevention, and more.









Our Foundation

Your Fast-track for Idea to Deployment

Flex83 – A “Rock-steady” Platform

Streamlining OT-IT Application Enablement
for any Industrial and Commercial Needs

A completely scalable, secure, and flexible framework, with a full set of intuitive no-code, low-code, and custom-code workflows.

The platform gives you a reliable & scalable IoT Core alongwith Development Studios to streamline program execution.

The platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment.

Features Layered Underneath

The LCAP low code Application Enablement Platform (AEP) to Build your IoT Application Universe

Foundation Of Its Functions

How the Platform Works to Structure your SDLCs

Construct, launch, and manage your applications, with the freedom to use no-code or low-code tools or full containers and applications. Accelerate this with 6 simple steps within the Flex83 platform architecture.

Connection Manager
Easily Connect Devices, Databases & Applications

Low-Code Dynamic ETL
Any Source or Sink & Any Transformation

Data Management
Multiple Databases & Data-lake Options

Code Engine
Add Lambdas, User Defined Functions, or Containers

Analytics Studio
Add Analytics Notebooks or AI/ML Intelligence

Portable/Scalable Platform
Deploy anywhere with Integrated DevOps

A World of IoT Applications Realized

Fleet Management
Distributed Manufacturing
Industry 4.0 Solutions
Smart City & Lighting Solutions
Manufacturing as a Service
Asset Management
Enterprise & Business Integration
Smart Edge Device Management

Catalyzing Intellectual Property Creation

Development Savings

Use existing engineering skills & subject matter experts to build new solutions.

Saving On Total Cost of Ownership

Lifetime maintenance cost and skills investment is significantly reduced

Faster Business Impact

Build your first application literally in days – then enhance with customer feedback

Robust Base For Clients

Brands Accelerating SDLC Journeys with IoT83

Recognized Universally

Words Cementing the Worth of the Platform

The power & flexibility of FLEX83 has enabled multiple successful collaborations & new product innovations in our companies. FLEX83 is highly recommended.

Sanjay B.CEO

The software is very easy to use & intuitive. FLEX83 has been extremely helpful & committed to nVent success moving the company forward with connecting our legacy installed controller base to the cloud platform.

Constantine S.Sr. Technology Leader

The FLEX83 platform was easily customized to handle our highly specialized and high-scale application. The IoT83 team worked with us to deliver this high-quality solution in a very short time.

John M.Sr. Product Manager


Insights on our Application Enablement Expertise

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