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Busting IoT Myths

By October 28, 2021May 29th, 2024No Comments3 min read

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As per Gartner, by 2025, 50% of industrial companies will use IoT platforms to improve operations, an increase of 10% in 2020. Even though there are a lot of IoT myths that are slowing the adoption. But, businesses are aware/becoming aware that they need to adopt IoT to be ahead in the game, provide better service to end consumers, gain a competitive advantage and accelerate the digital transformation journey.

Following are a few of the many IoT myths we will be correcting with facts during the webinar.

  • It is easy to deliver an IoT solution.

    Many open-source tools, off-the-shelf development boards, and software packages make people believe that IoT is easy but connecting an IoT device to an app is just the start. The key is moving from a single IoT device to many, connecting other IT, business and operational interfaces then managing to monetize it while maintaining reliability, security, and privacy and, that’s where FLEX83 application enablement platform plays a pivotal role.

  • IoT is just about sensors & devices.

    Sensors and IoT devices are just one source of getting data. IoT means a lot more than just data collection, data sources. It varies among existing applications, CRMs, MES systems, SCADA systems, APIs from different enterprise applications. But, the best value is delivered once there is a platform in place that can handle this volume, variety, and velocity of data allowing businesses to benefit from their KPIs, application enablement capabilities, rule-based engine, and advanced analytics.

  • IoT enablement involves huge $$$.

    With the addition of new wireless communications, technology upgrades, and platform introduction, there is a notion that IoT is expensive. IoT is tough, but with proper configuration, ROI can be in 3-4 months. With reduced sensor cost, LPWAN introduction, and application enablement platforms, it is a matter of not more than $50K to experience what IoT can do for your business.

  • IoT always means cloud-connected.

    Though the cloud provides a cost-effective, ubiquitous infrastructure for massive data storage and management, incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms can even identify trends in processes and equipment operations to anticipate and prevent future failures. But, the cloud is by no means a must in IoT deployments. A lot of deployment requires Edge computing and that’s where Flex83 AEP is a must.

  • IoT has an immediate impact.

    Even when IIoT enablement is comparatively affordable, manufacturers still think it isn’t worth it. Common Notion is that there is no instant value from IoT deployment and, it’s a part of OPEX. Application Enablement Platform enables your OT, IT, and BT teams to reap the benefits from the get-go as it breaks the data in silos, builds correlations, and equips organizations with the power of data-driven decisions.

  • Any platform can solve the Industrial IoT use case.

    While this is something commonly said by platform companies, this is not entirely true. What helps in IoT is an application enablement platform that includes Deployment flexibility of the cloud to on-premise. Further down to deep edge/gateway, machine learning capabilities allow companies to build models on the cloud edge capabilities allow agent or ML models to be built in the cloud and deployed in the edge. With all this, there needs to be a secure, scalable, and reliable backend platform and, that is what FLEX83 provides.

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