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Why are the Business Leaders so Eager to Experiment into the Unkown with IoT Platforms

By October 4, 2021March 13th, 2023No Comments5 min read

The Internet of Things has emerged as a widely used technology in Industrial and Commercial world. Many organizations have displayed a positive change in their productivity and business models after adopting IoT.

However, correct implementation and selection of the Internet of Things Platform is the key to success. When done accurately, it can also help you increase your profitability, enhanced customer experience, service optimization and competitive advantage. This has inspired multiple companies to develop and launch IoT Platforms. In this blog, we will focus on the benefits and precise selection of Internet of Things

Need of IoT Platforms

Having adequate IoT Platform support is essential for deploying IoT properly in the infrastructure. Even though it is comparatively a new addition to the market, it has become extensively popular. Increasingly, more and more businesses have started opting these to match the customer demand which shifts quickly.

Why opt for an Application Enablement Platform ?

One of the most distinct advantages of getting AEP is a decrease in development time. However, this is not all and there are several other benefits. Some of these are mentioned below:

Timely Business Case Validation

For any project, the prime objective is to get the business case validated and bring this aspect to the attention of the stakeholders. It is recommended that businesses complete this process in the early engineering stages and Application Enablement Platforms help you with the same. You will have a proof-of-concept model in no time.

Concurrent Analysis & Tracking

The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform will also help you perform real-time processing, evaluation, and monitoring of the resources and operations. This will secure a smoother occurrence of all organizational processes and get you the required outcomes. If you choose the right platform, you will have the following features:

  • Connectors to get data from any source
  • Dynamic ETL to transform any data type
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Edge Computing Capabilities
  • Application Creation Pipeline
  • Device Management Workflow

Quick Response to Market

Once you have completed the validation process, it is now time to enter the market and deliver products to keen consumers. However, a slight delay can allow your competitors to fill in for you. For this, Flex83 offers:

  • Click To Build and Launch Applications
  • Custom Application Creation
  • Cloud Agnostic Deployment Flexibility
  • Scale Ready System

Since the platforms have tons of applications in different fields, most of them offer additional support and mechanism for the process.

Additional Protective Measures

The massive size and intricacy of the IoT network is both its advantage and disadvantage. An Application Enablement Platform is like a firewall that safeguards all of your IoT ecosystems. This becomes an extra layer of protection for all the devices/applications/databases etc connected with your infrastructure. You will have:

  • Device Identity Management for better Access Safety
  • Enhanced Security via Selection of Authentication Provider
  • IAM, RBAC, TLSv1.2 and HTTPs and a lot more security features.

Lower Expenses & Risks

IoT-based projects are generally risky. Therefore, another advantage of having AEP on your team is that they help you reduce relevant expenses and risks. It is possible mainly because all technical risks are faced by the Platform provider. While hiring AEP can pose additional costs, the saved expenses from field testing, talent recruitment, etc., cover up for it.


Now that we have covered the various pros of having Application Enablement Platform. It is time that we focus on selecting the best way to choose the right platform. FLEX83 Application Enablement Platform or AEP is undoubtedly one of the most acceptable options. Flex83 has become an essential element, mainly because it offers additional features like device management and visualization.

The top 3 advantages of opting for FLEX83 AEP are:

  • Quick & Efficient Bespoke Application Development
  • Click to Build approach for faster Time to Market
  • Any Device, Any Data, Any cloud – Full flexibility of development and deployment.

Few other benefits are:

Extensible Application Enablement Platforms

Adapting features of cloud platforms, FLEX83 AEP have also made themself shine out as irreplaceable components. It can be operated by using a wide range of hardware and custom software. This allows businesses to come up with unique solutions. Therefore, their requirements and applications have spread to various other operations.

Organizational Learning Made Simpler

The biggest challenge any organization faces while adopting AEP is educating or training their staff to manage the network effectively. However, since it is a determining factor of business success, companies have started choosing FLEX83 AEP to combat this obstacle. FLEX83 equip businesses with service delivery team who can assist them in creating innovative and integrated tools. This will play an essential role in offering project success or fluent transition.

Limited Entry Points

Having FLEX83 AEP also provides a company with proper guidance and insights. Befitting solutions operating on one Platform will help you easy management, versioning control and single pane view of all tech activities. This will help you gain information and learn from all your peers.

Final Verdict

Enterprises with the proper technological backing and support tend to show better productivity and output. And with the growing tech-savvy transformation of the business world, many have started adopting AEP to improve competence. This has also led to businesses hiring IoT Platforms to help them get a smoother transition.

Having platform assistance makes a company’s functioning faster, smoother, and more affordable. Since it is based on software operations, FLEX83 AEP helps them manage everything effectively without any errors. This has made FLEX83 AEP an essential tool in selecting a fitting IoT Platform.

About IoT83

IoT83’s Application Enablement Platform frees you from the underlying IoT & big-data technology complexity so you can easily apply your industry know-how to launch powerful applications quickly. The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment. It provides a completely scalable, secure & flexible platform out of the box, along with intuitive No-Code, Low-Code, and custom-code workflows to easily build virtually anything.